Saturday, October 16, 2010

VSR- It's October and They Need Help.

Today I'm working in the VSR( Vintage sewing room). Making Batman's uniform, Robinhood's garment and that Smurf's dress. Oh I just love these little ones and big ones hiring me to make their replacement clothing. Will not charge them for I can not use their form of currency in my time period.
Yesterday I finished Batman's attire, today I will work on Robinhood's wear.
As you know Robinhood robbed the rich to give to the poor. Therefore I will not take any funds from Her. Oh yes, It a female this time. Somehow I think they had a sex revolution also. More Power to the women!
Well, being this time of the year when all these folks make a showing. I'm just glad it wasn't Ghost and Mummies inquiring my service.
Stay tune for the photos later this month. For these clothes need to be on the bodies to do them justice.

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