Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday Wild Wonders-on Friday?

Okay I know it's Friday...why did I post a Wednesday item? I don't know I lost track of the days. It's been a long week, or short week... Maybe I just want to do Wednesday over(grin). Whatever the reasoning I am posting this on a Friday. Be assured you haven't lost days and you are not loosing your minds.

I was Wondering what would happen if everyone decided not to drink bottle water again. Now I heard that a town on the Eastern Sea Board has that on their minds. It is an 80+ year old women(Jean Hill) who thinks that the plastic bottles are an environmental hazard unnecessary to her town. She states that the towns water is perfectly fine and healthy. That there should be no reason for stores to sell the Water. Her feeling is that these plastic containers are thrown on the ground and are causing a pollution problem nation wide. The goal is to make a law in her town prohibiting the selling of bottle water. She seems to be winning that battle. However the Battle is on going in the courts.
My first thought was what about the Cola bottles, milk jugs, juice containers, all are made of the same plastic and all can be found discarded on the ground. Now I still feel that way, there seems to be a two way street on the matter. Not too sure where I stand on this Wonder.
So a couple questions for you;
Can you add to this wonder of mine, convince me not to buy the bottle Water or do you think I still should purchase the Water?
What do you think would happen if everyone stop buying bottle water?

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