Thursday, June 10, 2010


We have been busy completing the Vintage Sewing Room. Finally installed the Mirror Doors, they were easier then we believed. I think Hubby and I were more concern with them breaking and the tracks being in-lined. We went with a Triple Mirrored closet door, mostly because of the design of closet drawers and hanger sections. Looking for Affordable ones was hard. The first one I found was in the thousands. All the others online were in the same ballpark. I started to rethink the Mirrored doors. Started looked at the regular closet doors in Triple at the home improvements centers. While there I just kept walking back to the Mirrored Closet Doors. Then I thought why not get a price for a Triple here, if they sale them that way. It would be a special order, and I know how that goes on Price. After checking on them, they were only a Fraction of the online cost. So for only 555 dollars we were able to order the Doors I so wanted. Was still able to stay within my budget!

As for the easiness in installing them, our thoughts were unfounded. Once we picked up the doors the thought was what did we get ourselves into. Our fear of breaking the mirror was calmed. Putting up the head and bottom rails were easy. The Doors were light and very simple to click into the track. There are many companies out there, we order from King Star.

The one negative about the install was the instructions. They were not user friendly, very hard to figure out. Most of the instruction referred to figure photos, which were not clearly marked or detailed. We were missing some hardware, therefore had to work with what we had. It wasn't hard once we figured out the process of the install. I feel the company could do a better job on their instructions. They must think no one reads them. Only the men don't read instruction, us women tend to look over them before the project. Maybe women need to write the instruction. I think I might suggest that to the company.

Some other factors to keep in mind were the track. We needed to have a triple track. In order for the doors to work for our closet layout we needed the opening flexibility. Measured to make sure we had enough head space to install the header. For the floor track install we pre-drilled the screw holes, as our bamboo flooring is very hard wood. The doors weight is on the floor track.However the weight is so light that it is fine for the floating bamboo floor. Top rack it just a guide for the doors.
We are very pleased with the Mirror doors. We did not have any full length mirrors in the home so this will be a great addition.

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