Friday, April 2, 2010

If The Old HotCross Bun Could talk!

Taking a break because it's Easter time and we are going to family's to visit and share the time of year. If you are traveling, be safe out there.
Heard about this on the radio this morning and thought Oh I got to see it.
the story is a 91 year old lady Nancy Titman was given this Easter HotCross bun when her Mom died. Her ancestors worked in a bakery shop and they bake this on good Friday. It was been handed down through the family for centuries. I think they could cook back then, but it amazed me that there is no Mold on it. It is said the the currants are disintegrated and the bun is rock hard. So how's that for preserving.
Now what went on in 1821? Here's a few things.
  • Mexico gained their independence from Spain,
  • Greek Independence Day celebrates the liberation of Southern Greece from Turkish domination,
  • Peru declared its independence from Spain.
  • Florida became a US Territory, Andrew Jackson became the governor of Florida.
  • Missouri became the 24th state.
  • Kentucky abolished debtor’s prisons. Thomas Jefferson wrote his autobiography.
  • American sealer Captain John Davis landed on the Continental Antarctica, It was the first Known landing.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte dies at the age of fifty-one,
  • The 1st US pharmacy college was organized in Philadelphia, the first classes where held.
  • African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church founded in NY
  • the Greek Orthodox christian church was founded in Greece.
  • The 1st edition of Saturday Evening Post was published.
What a busy Year in history. This little Hot Cross bun carries a lot of history knowledge.

The world's oldest hot cross bun . It was baked on Good Friday in 1821



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