Monday, March 29, 2010

Greener Windows-So Let The Sun Shine!

I know you are not a Monday person. I am , you see it's the day I start to share my weekend activities on my blogs. Over the weekend Hubby the I went to a Home Show, so many vendors were there. Green living has taking over the Home Show in this area.
Lets talk windows, so many to choose from.... double pane, triple pane, coated, how they open for cleaning. Then add in the energy Star rating.With all the window to choose from how does one make that choice?

A few years back we decided to buy new windows. The windows we had were double pane and about 30 years old. The efficiency of them were not good. You could feel the heat and cold coming in, causing our utility bill to be high. We began to look around, at that time we had just had a Hurricane and so had a mindset of sturdy as well as efficiency. Triple pane had just come into our area. We were one of the first homes to install them in our region. I will tell you they did reduce our utility bill as well as help maintained the temps on all floors in the house. The second floor south side was no longer so hot you couldn't stand to sleep there in the summer months.
They open out for easy cleaning, reduced the outside sounds and reduce the heat and cold transfer from inside and outside. During the day one can not see into the home due to the reflected covering. All the windows came with a life time replacement warranty. So let the light shine in and might I say the light only!

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