Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogger Visitor- Dropping by or Commenting

When I first started blogging I did not understand why so many would visit and yet not comment. I thought it was the material. Then once I started visiting more sites I realized that some folks just visit for Money, not really interesting in the blog. Another thing I noticed was that other blogs did not have comments either. I think it is important to comment when you like something. However the blogger community isn't always what one thinks. My visits to blogs grew to about 900 a day. I found myself not commenting as much, but yet reading some of the blog I visited. So there I was reading an not commenting! Oh that was so easy to do. That really opened my eyes. I also thought if I comment they would return the favor, not so. Oh yes I got emails, thanks for visiting my blog messages. Wow that was different, never thought of doing that. Would it make bloggers visit more. Well I will never know. For a long time I would do Memes and visit all 159 plus links and commented on all them, but only a fraction would leave a comment on my Meme Link Post. I learned how to leave a meme link in their comments, did that help? Not really. All these tools and ideas just to get some communication on a blog....Is it worth the time and energy? That is still open to see. Anyhow you look at it, I enjoy visiting blogs and reading them and commenting when I can. As well as I enjoy the comments I receive on my blogs.
I have all different types of blogs, some are more family based and receive more comments. Then there are the ones that have a lot of followers and hopefully they read the text. I have only been at the blogging thing for a little over a year. Learning all the time. How to get more traffic, comments, and make the blog more appealing. I love learning new things. I enjoy every visitor to my blogs, whether they leave a comment or not. You see I have grown in my blogger minded view. I will continue leaving comments on the blogs I visit that make me think or brighten my day. Thanks for visiting and reading my blogs. Have a great day.


  1. You know I just started blogging about a year ago too with my current blog. I started with Scuttlebutt about 5 months earlier. I thought am I going to get readers and followers. I've tried everything you have mentioned and I'm to the point now and totally despise the comments that come in and say they are here because of the link from another blog or the comment challenge. They don't even comment on the post that I worked HARD on to do.

    I like you also would comment on everyone's link that was left in a meme. I'm done doing that as well. You get very little in return.

    What I've found is you get one or two and it grows and grows and you get a good group of people that always read regardless of what you post. That's all that matters to me. I rather have a few that leave a comment that mean something than just to leave a comment in hopes that I go to their blog to get their numbers up.

    I'm grateful to everyone that comments except those that just come once in a great while just because they are in some comment meme.

  2. I have to say that I have stopped replying to 'hit and run' commenters that just say 'stopping by from.. or here because of...' and don't actually mention that they've read or looked at my post...
    I always reply in kind to bloggers who visit and leave thoughtful comments- but sometimes life happens and it takes a few days...
    I've also gotten in the habit, like Thom of being more selective when I comment - I may visit all of the blogs on a MeMe, but if I don't have something to contribute, then my click thru will have to do...

    I'm also finding that reading in google reader makes commenting harder, since I'm not officially visiting the blog and I have to click on the link to make a comment...I do like to read all of the blogs I subscribe to, but I comment only on the ones that have made me think, laugh or pause in some way...

  3. not everyone have time to read and comment on every blog they encounter on the net. that's why it is a challenge for every blogger to create a post that will capture the attention of the readers and make them share their own views as well.

    i read a post somewhere clamoring about the "drop and run" attitude of droppers then blaming EC for it. i don't think it's EC's fault. i'm thankful that their system gave me a chance to meet a lot of bloggers, what i do with them when they check out my site is now up to me.

  4. I found your information very useful. Thank you for posting such an interesting post.

  5. Leaving and reading comments is one of my favorite and unexpected parts of blogging. When I first started I had no idea what a community blogging really is. It's an incredible way to "meet" people all over the world and so fun too!

  6. Hey, great post! Actually I'm guilty of reading a lot and not commenting. Does that qualify as stalking? But I'm trying to do better! And so...
    I want to give you a Blog Award! Thanks for the great blog(s)! haha!http://helena-agalneedsatleast2blogs.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-mention.html

  7. I can see you are very busy with all the blogs, as they are all interesting,I only have one and I have quite a time for interesting subjects. Keep doing what you do.

  8. I visit blogs and comment that never visit or comment on my blog. Blogging is quite a learning curve. It's indeed lots of fun though.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  9. Olla Autie E,

    First time commenting here. I find it difficult to comment since English is not my first language (thus the inferior feeling.. Aha)

    I agree, on what have been said. Blogging can be very tiring especially with all the blogwalking, twittering, FBing and more. There were times, when i felt like quitting since blogging took so much of my times, and i was beginning to miss my offline life.

    But then again, meeting new blogging friends and building special friendship with bloggers make me stay.

    Owh! I do like to say "Hey coming from.. in this case .. Olla Auntie E, coming from EC" as a way saying how i find your blog. : )

    Right now, i just have this "Zero Expectation" when blogging and it makes a bit easier.

    Happy blogging and have a great day everyday ya : )

  10. I typically leave a comment if there is an interesting subject or I have something to say. I have found that since I have left EC, I have to leave more comments to let folks know that I am there and reading....and oh yeah, don't forget about me. :) Everybody blogs and comments different ways, so it is hard to figure out how to get comments or followers.

  11. looks like you picked a popular subject. i'm coming over from...omy i just closed the window down and don't know who mentioned you.

    while i didn't start blogging to get comments or followers, i gotta say i get a real kick when people leave me a heartfelt comment...and i hope people like it when i leave them one. i guess i have 'friends' and 'followers'. if you continual following someone for a while they pretty much turn into friends. my blogs are for me...not everyone else...if someone else enjoys them i'm glad.

    i think you should do what you enjoy doing, the rest will follow!

  12. Hello Dearheart,

    This post was really thoughtful and made me want to comment because I have been unable to comment for a long time now, since my mother was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. She just died in December, and my physical and emotional life have been a rollercoaster and very hard the last few years as well.

    What I am trying to say is that I love your blog, as I do so many others, but I've barely been able to post on my own blog much less comment as I wish I were able. I closed both one of my blogs and my website because there was just no way I could keep up.

    I just moved into my new house a month ago and there have been so many unexpected issues come up (a new roof and so much more) that just tending life and posting to my blog have at times been overwhelming as much as I'd like to and I have been guilty of and felt terrible about not being able to comment more. I am hoping that once things setting down here in the weeks to come I will have more time to comment and even answer the lovely comments that come to me on my blog.

    I think what we have to realize is that sometimes, often in fact, people read our blogs and might find something really meaningful, but don't have the time or energy or have life burdens that keep them from commenting, and so don't think that people don't care or that they don't want to comment. I love so many blogs, and at the same time there's no way I could leave comments on all the blogs I visit, even though many are very sustaining and mean a lot to me.

    Keep on keeping on and please realize that more people care than you will ever know.

    Blessings to you,


  13. I visit a lot of blogs. Some I scan quickly, others I read closely, and a few, I comment on.

    My general rule is, do I feel like I have something useful to say. If so, I'll probably add a comment. If not, I usually just move on.

  14. What a compelling topic. I think I can agree with everything everyone said! EC dropping can be a drag, but there are many blogs I wouldn't know of otherwise, as well as many people who wouldn't know of my blog otherwise. Blogger does a good job blocking spambots, so clicking a link to read a comment is like opening a piece of my favorite candy.

  15. I'm relatively new to the blogosphere, and have run into the same comment challenges mentioned above. It's nice to know you're not the only one going through these blog challenges. I don't get a lot of comments, but the few I've received have encouraged me. I comment whenever the post touch me or if I want to encourage a fellow blogger. I hope the comments to my blogs will increase in the upcoming weeks, but regardless I will keep on commenting on other blogs to my heart's content. Blessings!