Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're Going Green Updates

We love Mr Sun.... please shine down on me........
It's has been about three months since we installed the Solar Panels. Now it has been winter, shorter light hours and snow storms. Here are the updates.
Total KwH produced to date; 1181
CO2 saved; 2007 Lbs.
I love that we can monitor it on line.
So we did well.... Our system has reduced emission equivalent to Planting 8 mature trees and driving 935 miles in a standard car.

As for the Cloth bags, we are doing really well. I have a larger bag I carry with some cloth bags folded up inside. I have a bag that is the size of the wallet I carry in my purse. Got that from Santa Last year. Oh to say last year when it was only a month ago, what a riot.
We sold a car, so now we have only two cars. Mine stays parked in the garage most of the time. I do not go to the grocery store as much. My errands are more controlled.
I feel better not wasting time or gas on needless trips. How are you doing?


  1. Congratulations! I find your efforts very inspiring. :)

  2. Great job I have been looking for little ways to go green as well. We have four cars but we only seem to drive one most of the time. Even then my husband has a 10-15 minute drive to and from work and when I work it is about the same drive time. We don't go to many other places just the grocery store and visiting family some of the time.

  3. We are doing well. I have only one car and it is very small. And I limit my errands to usually once a week. I have my heat cut way down to save electric. I do not use my dryer at all to save electric. So I am trying. Save a lot of money too.

  4. Hi Auntie E,
    Sounds really good so far on your Solar Panels. Thanks for sharing your results with us so far. My hubby helps out with the grocery shopping and that saves money on gas for us. He just goes after he gets off work. I reuse my walmart plastic sacks at home, works pretty good for the bathroom trash bag. Saves me money. :-)