Monday, November 2, 2009

I Did it Monday-My 100th Post!

Well here I am posting my 100th post on a Monday! This site started out with an idea of Logging my Fitness diary. So the name was born "Ready 2 Get fit". I found a following of people in the same boat as me. Meet Julie Malone and her success with the Wii. Bought a Wii and joined in with thousands on the Wii Journey. Along the way I met Jen, Jenn,and Colleen. These girls have been with me since the beginning, March 2009. My journey is still an on going one.
August brought in a new look and name for this site. Hubby was gun hoe on going green. Watching Ed Begley Jr on "Living with Ed" just made the need stronger. Hubby was on me all the time. One Morning in July I woke up and realized I needed to get on board. That is when the decision to go Green started and my blog took on a new venue. Not wanting to start a new blog the name of this one was changed to "Living Healthy with Auntie E" (that's Me!). My thought was Going Green and losing weight was inclusive in its self. Both are striving to Living Healthier.

To participate in "I Did it Monday" go to My Meme Mania


  1. congrats!! for your 100th Post!..
    your blog looks nice....
    can we xchange our links...if you like give your msg in my comment box. i will add urs...

    have a nice day

  2. Hooray! Your 100th post!!! That is a big hurdle and I'm wishing you more. --posts, I mean, not hurdles! LOL!