Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Past Shows Up!

What a weekend! We went back to hubby's homestead. Hadn't been there for some time, we figured it must have been 10 year or better. I was so surprise to see how some things changed. There was a new school, some of the house were gone, Walmart was in town!, and we found out the the old school was sold in a auction and is thinking of becoming senior citizens apartments. So many changes.
Oh I wanted to tell you some thing funny. As you might know when older kids get together the laughing and Joy tears never stop. Well My sister-n-law was telling us about a store downtown in the antique mall area. She had gone in with one of the other sisters and they were walking through, All of a sudden a light bulb went off and they both said" this is my Mom stuff and we want it back".
I just laughed... remembering that when we went through the things 15 years ago, we just gave it to charity and now it is in the antique store, priced at antique prices! Oh the things we discard, Now I need to go through my stuff. Oh the Money I can make.

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