Friday, May 29, 2009

Fitness Friday- A Healthier Approach

I have been googling the Internet looking for Health Management sites. Last year I was a member of one. Vitality for Life part of the Melaleuca company. It had a Monthly fee. The program had a menu planner and a exercise log as well as a weigh in and personal Nutritionist to help you lose the weight for good. They had a very good site and I did lose the weight as they predicted. There was not a per say diet just learning to eat healthier and controlling intake calorie and calorie burned. You want to burn more than you taken in. So the object was to always be in the negative. But stay at 1230-1300 caloric intake, that meant exercise was the key. the company did some program updating and that caused problems with some of the programs. It became very frustrating to log food and work in the site. I did not what to continue paying while they were trying to fix the site, so I canceled.
I have noticed an increase in weight and a falling back into old habits. So the Search for another program which would meet the desire to get fit was badly needed. I did find several out there..All have different gadgets. I will be blogging about them in the next weeks.

Tomorrow I will blog about my experience with Program foods. Monday I will tell you about a site I found with all the Bells and Whistle one would want, and It is free!!


  1. Hi. Thanks for reading my fitness friday post. I am going to check back Monday to see what you've found. I was just at & found some good strength moves. They look like ones I can do. If you enter in your info & do the challenge-they tell you how many calories you should eat & how many to burn to loss weight. I was thinking that I should start doing more like counting calories & maybe that would help me to lose these last pounds. I want that quick -n-easy- Eat everything diet that will drop pounds fast.(I know that it's too good to be true) Eating healthy & Exercise is what needs to be done.

  2. I'm going through all your posts now. I was at Wii Mommy Jenn's house in Kansas and am having big time issues with my endometriosis, so I haven't even been on the computer. I think with enough positivity and encouragement, you will achieve your fitness goals. You can totally do it!