Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fitness Friday -Need Another Wii Day

You know that phase " Not enough Days in the Week". That's how I feel. The days just flew by. Was up early 05:30 every day. Even did most of my household chores early. Just do not know what happened. It must have been the Sandman,he put me in a trance. Do not know what happened between the start and end . It's all a Blur!!! Heard the Wii calling the first part of the Week, then grew a deaf ear. Now here I am at the end of the week. Blogging about the week. Did I loose weight? Well I maintain the weight from last Friday. However, did beat my daughter in most of the activities. I really do not like this competition going on between us. Will have to get over it!! So, this week I will not let that Sandman control my drive. I will Wii every day in the morning before starting my household chores. Will not get on this computer before I Wii. So my plan is to get a protein bar and play Wii Fit at 5:30 am. That will give me 30 minutes before the household gets up. Now can anyone tell me how to log Bowling and tennis time on the Wii Fit Time Log?
New info on Logging extra exercise to Wii Log. thank you Cynthia


  1. I figured this out the other day finally. You have to go into you graphs I believe and then there is a button at the end that says something to the effect of activities or similar. Once you are in there you can add your other activities but for that day only. You can't go back and add things. I'll double check where to go when I get home.

  2. Wowww, 5:30 a.m.! You are gonna be my hero if you do that, lol.

    I totally know what you mean about not knowing where the week went - that's the same thing that happened to me! I did manage to get a workout in twice (was it twice?) this week, but need more than that... it's funny, though - I was just telling my hubby yesterday that it felt weird, like I had lost days or something. I feel a little windblown from the week flying by so fast, lol.

    I'm gonna do bowling and tennis, too! The person above (Catherine) is right, you can go into your graphs and log other activities... I can't remember exactly but it is possible. :-) That would be good to do. Then the "nameless trainer" wouldn't be able to say, "Too busy to work out yesterday, eh?", lol.

    I've been trying to think of a better name for my trainer, too. ;-) Jane is too boring. I want something funny. Something that embodies my love/hate relationship with her, LOL.

    Did you think of anything yet?